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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ash's Drawing of Me

I love how every time Ash draws a new picture it gets so much better. I've never seen her draw and color with such detail... that crown blew me away!! She focused all afternoon on this work of art and then her pesky little brother came along and ripped it down the middle.

She.Was. Devastated. :(

So we fixed it up, scanned it in and I told her I was going to post it on the blog for everyone to see!! That made her happy! :)

What do you think? Isn't she amazing!!??

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Photo of ME!

This may be the first photo of me on my blog... ever!?

My dear sweet cousin Becky came to visit me in the fall and we had a ton of fun... we headed out to "my field" and had some fun with my cameras. This is one that Becky shot that I just stumbled upon today while cleaning out my hard drive.

I heart this photo. She is a natural. Thank you Becky!!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Ash got a haircut!!!

... only her second of her life! The first was exactly a year ago when she was 4 and even then we only could cut off about an inch just to clean up the pieces that were slightly longer than the others.

But last week we decided to get it cleaned up again so we chopped off all the longer thinner pieces and I think it looks awesome!!!! This is the first time in Ash's life that I can leave her hair down and it doesn't look ratty and dry. It just looks sooooo cute!!!

What do you think?!? :)
This first one is terribly out of focus and I would never show it to a client but there's just something I love about it!!!!!! (There's definitely a difference between images you love and images that are professional and quality enough to show clients!!!)