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Monday, June 15, 2009


Tomorrow my baby girl turns FIVE. When did this happen?? I have no idea what happened to the last five years. I remember when we found out she was coming... I was 8.5 months pregnant, walking around 5cm dialated (for the past 2 weeks) and I was gardening in our old little rancher on the navy base. Ted was sitting on the step having a beer and our doc called us up at 2:00pm and said "Hey.... ya wanna have a baby today?". And that was it... we ran in the house, showered up, packed a bag and we were at the hospital to have my water broken by 3:00pm. Contractions started at 4:00pm and she was born at 6:32pm. Yep... it was quick!!!

And now here we are... FIVE.

She's THE SWEETEST little thing in the entire world. Always caring about others, she is the best big sister. She absolutely loves Jake and he loves her. It's awesome to watch them play together. She excels in school and in all the activities she takes part in. Her absolute favorite thing to do right now is go to swimming lessons or play Polly Pockets. And just recently, she's started carrying her baby doll, Rachel, around with her. Last night she cried because she'd been so busy playing with her new toys from her party that she had ignored Rachel.... she's such an emotional girl... but it's good... she cries hard but she loves hard and laughs hard.

On the weekend she had her very first slumber party and it went off without a hitch... 8 little girls all sleeping in a tent... no fights, no tears, nothing.

The whole group together after their make overs... they got their make up done complete with face jewels and pedicures... they got their goody bags at the beginning of the party because they had their jewelery and lipstick that they needed for the make overs. ;)

She had the PRETTIEST CAKE! I didn't make it this year... just not enough hours in the day lately... but it was still homemade by Shawna from www.cakesbyshawna.com and her cakes are just so beautiful!!

Ted set up the tent in the playroom and all the girls slept in there. They were all soooo good! I couldn't believe it!

And they were up at the crack of dawn eating strawberry and blueberry pancakes with whipping cream. I KNEW we bought that 9 piece dining room set for a reason!! ;)

Happy birthday my girl... I love you to bits and I just know it will be a blink of an eye and you'll be turning 15. Sigh.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bring On Summer!!!

Well... we FINALLY bought a trailer! And we're SOOOOOO excited by it. We've got 10 camp trips planned this summer! We so need it cause when we're home, I'm in my office, glued to my computer screen, editing, responding to client emails and bookkeeping. So we NEED to get away. This will be such a great investment in our family and I can't wait.

Will be back with pics I'm sure!