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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nikon Testing

That's right, as of late, I've had enough of Canon.. I want clarity and focusing and more focus points... all things I can get with a Nikon system.

So I headed over to photographer friend's of mine. She graciously allowed me to play with her D700 (which is the camera I'm thinking of getting) to see if maybe I was the one causing the poor clarity and bad focus or if it really was just the freaking camera!!!! (Side note: after doing multiple tests, canon has told me that it's me and not the camera).

Ok so 5 minutes outside of Erin's studio with Jake and I have now realized that I'm not crazy!! It isn't me!!! It IS the camera!!! WAHOOOOOOOO! Tomorrow I am heading to purchase a complete Nikon system cause how do you say no to this clarity and color: