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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Today is a little sad for me and a little happy. A little sad because every year that passes, I am one more year out of my baby years. It happened so fast and went by just as fast and I can't believe I have no more babies. My Jakey turned two today and I am just so proud of my little man. Jaker is the sweetest, most loving, most cuddly little boy you'll ever want to snuggle! He is so smart and so physical. Yes, he may not speak as much as Ash did as this age, but he shows his intelligence in many other ways. The way he concentrates when he builds with his blocks and the way he sits back and takes everything in before he jumps in and takes part himself.

The boy is CRAZY! He is a typical boy... he gets into everything and makes a MESS of EVERYTHING! But I love it, and I wouldn't have it any other way. And HILARIOUS! This kid makes me laugh harder than anyone I know. He's just so darn funny in anything he does!

He's charming, loving, smart, funny, I just love him so much!
Anyways, I love you baby... Happy Second Birthday my love!
Mommy Daddy and Ash

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Husband just said to me....

(while kissing my neck)... "You're looking all sexy with those bobby pins in your hair and everything..."



Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Reunion Shots

The Fourth Of July

Ted and I took the kids down to Ted's Uncle's house in Sandy Point (about 20-30 minutes past the US border). He lives right on the ocean and the view is amazing as you can see from some of the photos. It was an overcast day so kind of yucky for vibrant colors. The fireworks were amazing! They were going for HOURS and you could get dizzy turning around and around to watch them... they were coming from every direction!

Anyway, here's a few photos! The kids weren't amazed... thought they would be... but Ash was totally stoked that she got to roast marshmellows! LOL

Today Just May Be....


And all because, today, I received free CHOCOLATE!!!! And not just any chocolate...premium brand Dove chocolate!! YUMMY!!!

So I got a call a few weeks ago because Dove had come across my photography blog. They were picking 300 canadian women (chocolate lovers) to test out their new line of chocolate. If I was willing, they were going to send me a "Pleasure Kit" containing all of their chocolate to test.... oh yeah... and SHARE!!!

So guess what came to my door today?!?!? That's right ladies!! CHOCOLATE!!! A full pleasure kit containing chocolate for me and my friends, a wine glass, a journal, a foot spa treatment and a cute red tote.

I am seriously in chocolate heaven!!! As it only arrived 30 minutes ago, I have only had 3 pieces!! . If you're over, or we have a playdate, or we have a photography appointment in the next week or so, you can bet I'll be bringing you some to try!

I'll be back with an update!!


Did you read this article? What are your thoughts on Dove?

Click on the link below to let us know!


Sunday, July 6, 2008

News Flash!!

Excuse me while I take a break from our regularly scheduled program (yes, more reunion pics are coming!!)... but my baby brother's back in town and I gotta say, we're all pretty happy about it!
He brought his awesome girlfriend with him and we're happy to finally have some time to get to know her better too!

As you can see, "someone's" very happy to have her uncle home!

And so is someone else!! :)

On another note, those of you that have been in my house know that I have a giant EMPTY wall in my living room where I've been wanting to blow up a couple pics of the kids and have them professionally framed. I've just been waiting for the right photos!
Well... ladies and gentelmen... I think I've got the one of Ash! YEY!!!! What do you think?

Now I just have to get one of Jakey... then one of them together to get done in canvas... I can get any two kids together... but I can't get my own... UGH!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Beautiful Family

So as many of you know, my family holds an annual reunion every year in Barriere BC. I'm talking my EXTENDED family. Everyone from my aunts and uncles to THEIR aunts and uncles to my cousins and second and third cousins... we're all there! Over the past few years we've been out of a home and have been looking for a new place to party. Well my mom found this resort half an hour out of Barriere and so up we went this weekend!

God I just love my family. They are fun, they are loving, and they're just plain great. We have our differences but when it comes right down to it, we all love each other and I just feel so lucky to be a part of it.

I brought my camera up (of course) but unfortunately when people see me coming with that thing they tend to either give me the eyeroll or run the other way. But here's a few that I managed to capture...

One of my bestest cuz's lives in Kamloops with his GORGEOUS family... this is his eldest daughter Callie.

And here is sweet sweet Kira.... couldn't take my camera off this little beauty!

Kira and her mommy... that's my cuz, and Kira's daddy in the background.

My little Jaker of course... he HATES having his pic taken lately... ugh...

This is my third cousin Dallas... sweet kid!

My baby cousin Jessica... just a total beauty this one is.

Jakey man caught off guard! LOL

Kira and her mommy again....

And yes... Kira AGAIN! Like I said... I just couldn't take my camera off her!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Gas to fuel your truck to and from Barriere BC - $200
Food and booze to feed family while there - $300
3 nights stay at the resort chalet - $400

Seeing your 27 year old male cousin in 10 year old girl's Spider Man undies: PRICELESS